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Transmission Investment provides high-value advisory services to renewable project developers, interconnector developers and government bodies.

As a transmission business rather than a consultancy we are able to give superior advice on real world commercial, technical, environmental and regulatory issues. In particular we can advise on the project financing of transmission projects, and on how projects should be structured to make them more attractive to debt and equity investors.

Examples of the work we have undertaken in the last few years include:

  • Advised The Crown Estate (the owner of the UK seabed) on the co-ordinated development of connections for wind farms in Firth of Forth
  • Advised The Crown Estate on the potential cost and time savings possible from transmission standardisation.
  • Advised three companies on the transmission and other aspects of their bids for British “Round 3” offshore wind site concessions. All bidders were successful.
  • Advised a wind farm developer on how to ensure that the transmission parts of their project would be suitable for project finance and attractive to OFTOs.
  • Advised two interconnector developers on various aspects of their projects including technical design, permitting and connection point selection.

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